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2023 Wine & Spirits Vendor Application

The North Carolina Seafood Festival
October 6-8, 2023

Wine & Spirits Vendor Application

Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee $50.00

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Wine & Spirits booth space at the 37th Annual NC Seafood Festival, 2023. Please fill out the form below.

An application processing fee of $50.00 is due upon submission of your application. The application fee is non-refundable.

Your application will not be considered by the Vendor Committee unless fee, tax or registration number, and all other requested materials are included with the application. Payments by credit card are subject to 3% processing fee plus local and state taxes.

Online applications are received immediately and reviewed upon receipt. If you prefer to pay by check, please return to the Vendor page, print out the posted pdf Vender Application form to fill out by hand and mail with your check made out to NC Seafood Festival. The application fee must be paid by separate check—do not include any booth fees. If you are a returning vendor and want to include your booth fees, they must be on a separate check from the application fee. There is a $35 fee for all returned checks.


Vendors will not hold the Festival participants, directors, volunteers, employees, Town of Morehead City, or Festival sponsors responsible for claims, losses, fees, damages or expense. The Festival will not refund fees due to inclement weather, pandemics, government action, strikes, terrorism acts, or other matters beyond its control, including but not limited to cancellation of the festival due to a direct result of a natural or unforeseen disaster which renders the festival unable to continue, whether for safety or monetary purposes.

If accepted, you will be notified by the Festival office via email from address Please make sure this address is added to your contacts for acceptance. You will be given (10) working days from date of notice to make payment in full for your requested number of booth spaces plus any electrical set-up and insurance coverage requested. Booth costs are non-refundable.

Please Read the Vendor Policies & Regulations and Town of Morehead City Fire Department Requirements. By submitting this application you are signifying your agreement that you have read and fully understood these policies and will abide by all stated rules and satisfy all requirements should you be accepted as vendor for the 37th Annual NC Seafood Festival, 2023 or risk being denied set‑up or being removed from the Festival grounds with no refunds given.

Official Booth Name

Vendor Information

No application will be accepted without this #
Please provide name and phone number
Please include name and mobile phone number
Please list event, location, month and year

Permits and Practices:

Please Check to Agree to the following:
Checking certifies meeting all listed requirements

Attach copies of relevant permits
Or list permit numbers

Booth Space Selection

Booths are allotted in 10’ x 10’ marked and numbered spaces. Trailers, trucks, tents, vans, buses, etc. must not exceed 10 feet in length including the tongue. A second booth is required if the length of the vehicle including the tongue exceeds 10 feet in length. No incremental spaces are allowed to cover any amounts more then 10 feet but less than 20 feet. All signs, banners, product stands, displays and any additional inventory for resupply are limited to the 10’x10’ booth dimensions. No encroachment upon foot traffic space in front of, or the fire compliance space between booths allowed.

Booth Picture Download
Download pictures of your items
Additional picture download
Additional picture download

Setting Up

Wine & Spirit Vendor Insurance

All Wine & Spirit vendors are required to carry the following minimum liability coverage:

$1,000,000 Products & Completed Operations

$2,000,000 Products Aggregate Limit

Please send a current Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) with booth payment. The COI from your insurance provider should list as an additional insured:

NC Seafood Festival

412-D Evans Street

Morehead City, NC 28557

No vendor without a current COI on file will be allowed to set up Festival weekend.

Electrical Service Set-Up

Electrical Needs
  • Look at the name plate rating located on each piece of equipment to determine the amperage needed for that item
  • If you have a trailer that comes with a cord, select from the list below. It must be a ground faulted connection with a 120 volt outlet.
Based on OSHA regulations, you must have 100 consecutive feet of grounded #12 wire extension cord in good condition with three conductors.

NOTE: temporary power loss or surges are not uncommon. Proper action should be taken by the vendor to protect any sensitive equipment. For all services of 30 amps and above, a photo of your electrical plug should be included with your application. Absolutely No electrical cords, lights or surge protectors will be provided by the Festival.
Picture of outlet plug:

Internet Needs

Contractual Obligations

Selection Process: Each application is juried by the NC Seafood Festival Vendor Committee. All vendors will be notified of their status in a timely manner. All Notifications and communications will be provided by email. Included Payments for space and/or services will be held until acceptance is granted. Any payments from unapproved vendors will be returned via USPS. Application fee is non-refundable.

Security: Vendors may leave product in their tent overnight at their own risk. Damage or loss will be the responsibility of the vendor.

Restocking and Vendor Parking:
No vehicles will be allowed to enter the Festival footprint after 11:00 am Friday until vendor move-out at 6:00 pm Sunday. Vendors are encouraged to bring hand-carts for restocking items each day. Extra inventory must fit within the confines of the contracted space. Free parking is offered at the State Port, Saturday and Sunday only.

In consideration of acceptance of entry into the NCFS, the entrant agrees to permit the NCSF to use their name, photographs, films or other likeness of participants, their wares, and booth set up for publicity, advertising and commercial promotion, before, during and after the Festival and gives permission to publish or dispose of same.

Waiver of Liability
Participation in the North Carolina Seafood Festival shall be at the participant’s own risk. The North Carolina Seafood Festival, its Officers, Directors and/or Agents shall not be liable of any damages arising from personal injuries or damages sustained by the participant in or during active or passive participation in the aforementioned event. Participant hereby warrants there is no disability, impairment or ailment that would prevent active or passive engagement in the event, nor will it be detrimental to participant health, safety, physical or mental condition if he/she/they so participates. Participant assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages, and does hereby release and discharge the North Carolina Seafood Festival, its Officers, Directors and/or Agents from any and all claims, demands, damage, rights or causes of action present or future resulting from participation in the North Carolina Seafood Festival at Morehead City, NC.

By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have read and fully understand and agree to all terms within the Vendor Application, Policies & Regulations, Carteret County Health Department TFE Permit requirements and MHFD Fire Code Addendum or risk being denied set‑up or being removed from the Festival grounds.

I have read the NC Seafood Festival Rules & Regulations and Fire Marshal Requirements
I have reviewed N.C. Gen. Stat. § 18B-1114.7 Section 18B and/or 1114.7
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