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Pop Up In The Park


October 5-7, 2018

SasSea’s Island Playground - Martin Luther King Park

Corner of 11th Adjacent to Train Depot



The North Carolina Seafood Festival would like to invite you to join the North Carolina Seafood Festival for the first Pop-Up-In-The Park to celebrate small local boutiques and artist within Carteret County.The Festival has found that we have many local artisans who would benefit greatly by being involved at the Seafood Festival but cannot either afford the higher rent of the standard vendor space or have the ability to produce the inventory required when located in high traffic areas.The SasSea’s Playground has always been an area where parents can get out of the congestion of the Festival and take their children to a less crowded area for them to play and participate in activities. We will have limited space adjacent to the Train Depot and SasSea’s Island Playground for local artisans and boutique shops that offer unique items that are special to our coastal area.

What a unique area for parents to quietly shop and enjoy the local culture!

The Festival will include this area within normal advertising/social media and encourage each vendor to use your social media outlets to advertise that you will be participating In Pop-Up-In-The-Park

In order to serve you at the highest level, we would like to have the following information reviewed and completed. Once we have your area secured, we will send you more specifics on your entry and parking for the entire weekend. We hope that you will consider participating within this area.Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Festival at the number and email listed below.We hope that you will decide to be part of this new and exciting area.


Interested? Application below

2018 Pop Up In The Park

Pop-Up-In-The-Park Hours:

Friday Vendor Move-in 8:00 a.m – 11:00 am – All vehicles must be off street by 11:00 am

Friday Hours 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Saturday Hours:10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sunday Hours:11:00 am – 5:00 pm – Vehicles are allowed on street at 6:00 pm

Vendors will not be allowed to dismantle their tents until closing on Sunday.

Booths are sold based on 10x10 area. Each 10x10 area will cost $100.
This should be the person working your booth
Picture of Items To Be Sold
I agree to the terms and conditions

Festival Policies & Regulations

All vendors must move in on Friday morning from 8:00 am – 11:00 am.NO EXCEPTIONS!Do not attempt to move-in before 8:00 am.If you only need a short amount of time to set-up, please wait until after 9:00 am to begin move-in. This will allow vehicles on the street to dissipate and avoid gridlock. You will be given a map showing the entry point into the Festival within the vendor packet.Board members will be stationed at each block to assist with proper location set-up. All vehicles must be off the streets by 11:00 am.Vehicles not off the streets by 11:00 am will be towed at the vendor’s expense. Vendors who attempt to move in earlier than the designated time will be escorted off Festival grounds and not allowed to return

1)Vendors are encouraged to bring hand carts to transport additional product to their booth during the weekend.

2) No booth shall exceed the length requested and approved by the Festival.No booth shall exceed 12 feet in height – including signage.Vendors are not allowed to set anything up in front, behind, or beside the allocated space. Vendors cannot solicit sales outside their booth space.At no time will the vendor be allowed to impede the flow of traffic.Vendor must take into consideration the tongue length of their vehicle.Failure to not advise the Festival of the correct length of a canteen including tongue length may result in reassigning a vendor to an alternate location or you may be asked to leave the Festival grounds.

3)The NC Seafood Festival will notify the vendor of their tentative booth location by email. The NC Seafood Festival reserves the right to reassign vendor spaces prior to and throughout Festival weekend.

4)Booths may not be moved without permission from the Festival Vendor Committee.

5) Vendors are required to have their booths open until dusk on Friday and Saturday. If you need electrical outlets please reserve on the application and notify the festival by no later than September 5th, 2018.

6)The Festival goes on rain, shine and wind. We are at the Coast – be prepared for wind.You must bring adequate bucket anchors for your tent.No stakes can be driven into the pavement or ground.We suggest that you lower your tent at night to lessen the chance of wind damage overnight.

7)Vendors must bring their own tables, tents/tarps, chairs, electrical cords, and any other items needed including materials to protect your product from inclement weather.

9)Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting their own taxes.

10)In the event of inclement weather, you will not be allowed to remove your booth until an official decision is made to close the Festival by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors’ Chairperson.However, you may choose to leave your booth until that time.

11)Only one (1) waterfront vehicle pass will be given per exhibitor

12)Power must be paid in advance.You should bring a minimum of 100 ft. consecutive # 12 wire with 3 conductors for each outlet requested.Cords need to be 3 wire and in good condition. Cords that have worn places, splices, and plugs replaced are not allowed. Tampering with the electrical poles/boxes/devices will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from The North Carolina Seafood Festival with NO REFUND.

13) All vendors shall have a five (5) lb. ABC dry chemical extinguisher on hand that is full and has been serviced in the last twelve (12) months with tag of the Service Company or indicate date of purchase within the past 12 months.Your booth will be inspected by the Fire Marshall to determine if you tent meets safety requirements and that your extinguisher is in good working order.Read the attached Fire Marshall’s requirements to ensure you fully understand their requirements.

14)No pets, skateboards, bikes, or scooters are allowed within your booth area.

15) Vendor has private liability coverage for their booth or will purchase coverage through Kaliff/Lloyds Insurance offered by the NC Seafood Festival.

•No T-shirts, bottled water, or carbonated drinks may be sold.

•No sound amplification may be used unless agreed to in writing with the NCSF not later than 14 days prior to the Festival.

•No generators will be allowed.This includes both gas and propane.Only power source allowed will be from services contracted through the Seafood Festival office.

•No raffles will be allowed on the Seafood Festival grounds.No coupons may be given out from your booth for any business not directly affiliated with your booth.

•No balloons, silly strings or pop rocks are allowed

Vendors cannot sublet, assign, donate or trade their space.

•Vendors will be responsible for proper disposal of water/grease at designated drop off points.Any vendor dumping inappropriate materials will be fined and immediately removed from the Festival. Vendors will be notified of drop off locations prior to the Festival.

•The North Carolina Seafood Festival, it’s Board, employees, and volunteers and sponsors will not be held responsible for loss or damage before, during, or after the Festival.

REFUNDS:FORCE MAJEURE:Vendor acknowledges and agrees the NC Seafood Festival shall not be obliged to issue refunds under any circumstances on vendor space rental.The NC Seafood Festival is not liable or responsible for delays, cancellation, or postponements of the Festival or events within the Festival due to inclement weather, war, government action, strikes or other matters beyond its control.

Vendors not following these guidelines will be closed immediately with no refund and no admission to future Seafood Festivals!

16) Vendors selling items not approved in advance by the Festival will be asked to leave the premises.

By signing this application, you are confirming that you have read and fully understand and agree to the terms within the vendor application, will abide by the rules or risk being removed from the Festival grounds, and that you have appropriate insurance.

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