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2020 North Carolina Seafood Festival

Virtual Vendor Marketplace

As you know by now, the North Carolina Seafood Festival became a causality of the COVID-19 Virus. Words cannot describe how upsetting it will be not spending the first weekend in October with our extended vendor family. But… we have decided that COVID will not derail us in 2020 and we want to take our vendors with us on our journey. We know our partners have been financially devastated by COVID and the Festival would like to help you connect with our “raving fans” this fall. Therefore, we are creating the 2020 Vendor Marketplace that will be hosting on the NC Seafood Festival’s website.

What is the Vendor Marketplace and its purpose?

• Designated landing site on the NC Seafood Festival website for public to view and shop online for your products

•Provide a venue for our vendors to connect with our fans and continue to sell their products during a time of financial uncertainty

Who would be part of the Vendor Marketplace?

•2019, 2020 vendors, local boutique businesses

When would the site be active?

•October through December (or earlier)

Are there any fees incurred to be part of the Vendor Marketplace?

•Each approved vendor will be charged a $25.00 fee to participate (service fees will be incurred if paid online).

Why should I participate?

•Participating in the Vendor Marketplace will introduce you to our network of 40,000 Facebook followers, 4,300 Instagram followers, and over 100,000 website viewers. The reward of being connected throughout our social media network is priceless

•Market to an entirely new buyer and build relationships prior to the Festival in 2021

What if I do not have a website or point of sale system- Can I still participate?

•Yes – You can still provide pictures of what you make and provide an email or phone number for buyers to contact you directly

What do I need to do in order to participate?

  • Go to our website and click onto "Get Involved" at the top of our home page to access the 2020 Virtual Vendor Marketplace Application or fill out the attached application. All information regarding company name and website - point(s) of sale addresses must be provided
  • Provide 4 pictures of your products, logo, booth space, etc. Each picture must be in a jpg format.All photos must be submitted at the time of application.Only electronically submitted pictures will be accepted
  • $25.00 payment must accompany the application.If paid online, processing fees will be incurred.

Is there a deadline for applications to the Vendor Marketplace?

•Yes - We request that all information is received not later than Monday, August 31st.

Spotlight Vendors

•In addition to being part of our Marketplace, we will also offer you the opportunity to participate as a “Spotlight Vendor”.Each week a vendor will be spotlighted on our social media outlets and website to our thousands of followers. If you are chosen in the lottery, an additional fee of $100.00 will be due upon acceptance. You will be highlighted to our thousands of fans on all of our social media outlets. Please indicate on your application if you would like to be considered as a “Spotlight Vendor”.

The NC Seafood Festival is proud to have the opportunity to bring this service to you.As always, please do not hesitate to email or call if you have any questions about the Vendor Marketplace.

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