2023 Poster Artist
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2023 Poster Artist

37th Annual Commemorative Poster Artist

"Heritage" by Brooke Lupton

The North Carolina Seafood Festival unveiled the 37th Annual Commemorative Poster on April 1st at Southern Salt Seafood Company and Waterfront Restaurant. The 37th Annual Commemorative Poster is titled "Heritage" by local artist Brooke Lupton of Salty Girl Designs.

"There is a certain calling that is felt when you are a child of the sea. It tugs at your heart and beckons you back to the shores of those who came before. It's a gravitational pull that connects you from your heart to the tide. This painting is a portrait of that connection, the "heritage" that binds those from the past to those in the future.

Pictured before the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, these two channel net boats hold power that is years in the making. Both of these vessels were built by Manly Gaskill, a beloved fisherman from Harkers Island. Manly was a cherished community member, hardworking commercial fisherman, husband and father who passed away after a tragedy at sea in the winter of 1996. His legacy was celebrated during the first Blessing of the Fleet in October of 1997.

Manly's legacy was continued through the lives of those who loved him most. Perhaps, the one that felt the greatest pull and connection to his heart and to the sea was his son, Brent Gaskill.

Raised on the water, Brent's passion for fishing was nurtured by family and friends. Like his father, he pursued a career on the sea and is the Captain of "The Builder's Choice". When he is not off-shore, you can find Brent doing what he loves most: coasting through Core Sound, pulling on a net, and enjoying time on the Island. Brent's boat is the vessel pictured on the left, and while he has rebuilt parts of it, the boat remains an echo of his father's heart. In this painting, I hope that you can feel the connection between a father and his son. The sea that binds their hearts together as it pulses with the tide beneath the beam of a lighthouse. A heritage that will continue on, forevermore." - Brooke Lupton

"Heritage" symbolizes the love of the coast that's passed down from one generation to another, and we hope to continue passing the torch for many years to come. Be sure to purchase a 37th Annual NC Seafood Festival Commemorative Poster or Official T-shirt featuring "Heritage" today!
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