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2019 Food Vendor Application

North Carolina Seafood Festival - October 4-6, 2019

Online Food Vendor Application

Application Deadline - May 1st

Temporary Food Permit Deadline: September 19th

Festival Hours:

Friday: Vendor Move-in 6:00 a.m – 8:00 am – All vehicles must be off street by 11:00 am

Festival Open: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Saturday: Festival Open: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Sunday: Festival Open: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm – Vehicles are allowed on street at 6:00 pm

The North Carolina Seafood Festival has already begun preparations for the 33rd Annual NC Seafood Festival. This year you will see some changes on our streets which will add an equal flow of pedestrian traffic throughout the entire Festival. In other words, there will be no bad vendor locations.

The North Carolina Seafood Festival has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Seafood Division to promote our area’s greatest asset; North Carolina harvested seafood. The public overwhelming want and ask for seafood that is caught in our waters and not from a country which may not be subject to the same regulations as the US. The public are now educating themselves to eating more natural, local products.

Vendors selling North Carolina seafood would be given the following considerations:
•First consideration on booth acceptance and placement.

• A “Fresh. Local. Got to be NC Seafood” bow banner that will be displayed at your booth.

•Your booth will be highlighted in the tabloid which will be delivered to local residents, restaurants, and businesses and available to the public at our Information Booth.

•Advertising and Social Media will promote the fresh seafood flags which in return will draw more people to your booth.

If you agree to sell North Carolina harvested seafood, you will need to validate your purchase or catch with Carol Campbell at the Festival office (252-726-6273 or not later than September 15th by producing a copy of your invoice, or purchase order. You may also purchase directly from local fishermen provided that they are licensed to sell directly to the public. In order to be allowed to fly the “Local Seafood” flag, you must purchase ample supply of this product to reasonably cover sales for three days. If you have questions regarding purchasing of this product, please let me know. We are working with our area wholesalers and fishermen to help all vendors find the product you desire at a reasonable price.

It has been proven that our attendees want to see local seafood at our Festival. We ask that you join the North Carolina Seafood Festival to help promote the best seafood that anyone can eat!

Best Regards

2019 NC Seafood Festival Vendor Committee

2019 Vendor Contact Information

Sales & Use Tax #

Required by all vendors

Electrical Needs

  • Please list the types of electrical items you will be using on the application (oven, refrigerator, grill, etc.)
  • Look at the name plate rating located on each piece of equipment to determine the amperage needed for that item
  • If you have a trailer that comes with a cord, send a picture of your plugin. It must be a ground faulted connection with a 120 volt outlet.

Based on OSHA regulations, you must have 100 consecutive feet of grounded #12 wire extension cord with three conductors.

NOTE: Because power must be shared with other participants and temporary power loss or surges are not uncommon. Proper action should be taken by the vendor to protect any sensitive equipment with surge protectors, etc. No electrical cords or lights will be provided by the NC Seafood Festival. No power strips will be allowed. For all services of 30 amp and above, a photo of your electrical plug should be included with your application. Additional instructions will be forthcoming after acceptance.

I will require at least one 120 volt outlet

Food Vendor Information

Vendor Space Requested

All food vendors must sell at least one seafood item. Only one side item per seafood entrée offered will be allowed. Example: If you sell one shrimp item, one side item such as fries may be sold. No funnel cakes or smoothie drinks are allowed.

Vendor spaces cannot exceed the length and depth outlined in your vendor request.

10’x10’ - Non-Profit Booth @ $315.00

(Civic, community, church & educational organizations) New non-profit food vendors must show documentation from the State of NC showing non-profit status. Booth must be manned and operated by members of the non-profit group.

10’x10’ Commercial Food Booth @ $850.00

Limited commercial booth spaces are available

Trailers, trucks, vans, buses, etc. must not exceed a depth of 10 feet. A second booth is required if the length of the vehicle including the tongue exceeds 10’ in length.

The Vendor Committee will visit all booths and retain the right to remove misrepresented items and items that were not included on your application.

Previous Vendor

Vendor Booth Request

Booths Requested Number of booths required

New for 2019
Premier Corner Booth Space - $50.00
If you would like to be considered for a premier corner space which will increase your exposure, please answer yes or no below. Include the $50.00 fee within your vendor application payment. Payment will not guarantee a corner space. Should a corner booth not become available, you will receive a full refund of the $50.00.
Corner booth space.

Be specific on your width and depth requirements
Items cannot be changed without Festival approval
Photos of your booth and/or products sold. Include current food pricing

Vendor Insurance Coverage Through Kaliff Insurance/Lloyds

Vendor Insurance Coverage Through Kaliff Insurance/Lloyds

All food vendors are required to carry liability coverage with a minimum amout as indicated below. Coverage can be purchased through the Festival’s insurance company.

$1,000,000 Occurrence limit for Premises and Operations & Product and Completed Operations

$3,000,000 Products Aggregate Limit

Coverage is for liability only and does not cover your property in the event of damage or theft. 10' x 10' booths will be $75.00 each.

Do you wish to purchase insurance from the NC Seafood Festival carrier $75.00 per 10' x 10' booth space

If you have your own insurance coverage, upload a copy of your COI here

Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations

Online Application & Payment

By submitting your application electronically, you will be expected to pay online the application processing fee and electronically forward the application to the NC Seafood Festival office. Vendor will pay all additional booth, electrical, and insurance fees by phone with credit card when contacted by the Festival with approval for vendor space. See pay now button below for payment of application processing fee
Vendor Application Fee
An $25.00 application is charged for all applications
Mar 06, 2019
9:00 AM
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